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I am currently 3rd grade teacher at West Burlington Elementary School in West Burlington, Iowa. I'm in my ninth year of teaching at the same school I attended from K-12. I pursuing my Master's degree in Instructional Technology through the University of Northern Iowa and I am so excited about this adventure.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Shop til We Drop?

      A group of us from the University of Northern Iowa Instructional Technology cohort is taking a trip to Beijing, China for the Flat Classroom Conference next month.  We have been recieving lots of information about all things China, but of the most interesting so far are the shopping markets.  We have been told that our Dollar is going to go pretty far on our shopping excursions and I am truly looking forward to this.  Below are some of centers in Beijing that might be of some interest to us.

The Hongqiao Market
The Silk Market                                                  
Other shopping in Beijing

photo: ilookchina.net