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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A New Kind of Safety

Today's children are growing up in a digital world. They are learning of the tremendous resources that are available to them through digital tools and the internet.  However, in this digital age, it is even more important for them to know how to stay safe while using these resources and how to be a good digital citizen in this new and ever expanding digital world.  We can start in our classrooms with our colleagues, students and their parents.  There are many topics and resources available to tackle this important task.  I have gather several for a beginning lesson on internet safety for my classroom.  Below is an overview with links, however I am creating a more user friendly Wikispace for my actual use. 

Digital Citizenship

3rd grade teacher team, students, and parents
Common Sense Topic: Internet Safety
Teacher Resources:

Students Resources:

Parent Resources:

Teaching Schedules:
3rd grade team: 45 min during shared planning time period
3rd grade students and parents: Together 45 minutes, Family Togetherness Night

Teachers will:
• Understand the importance of teaching internet safety to their students and parents
• Learn how to locate and access commonsense.org resources and lessons, as well as other resources

Students & Parents will:
• Understand that being safe when they visit websites is similar to staying safe in real life
• Learn to recognize websites that are good for them to visit
• Recognize if they should ask an adult they trust before they visit a particular website

Teacher Outcomes:
Will prepare the CommonSense.org lesson on Staying Safe on the Internet to present to 3rd grade students and their parents on Family Togetherness Night.

Parent & Student Outcomes:
Match statements about websites to colors of a “website traffic light” that symbolizes various levels of online safety
Play an interactive game to judge which websites are best for them
Extension: Students make a website traffic light poster in groups with tips about how to identify “just right” sites

Homework: Students find new “just right” sites to visit with their family members  

Wiki:   http://elliottsdigitalcitizenry.wikispaces.com/

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  1. Jami - way to go with the wiki! This lesson/unit looks well thought out. I think you have a more vested interest than the average bear here since you teach at the school where you were educated and your kids have (and will) attend. I think that's a fabulous legacy for any teacher to leave. Your kids (students and your own) are pretty fortunate.